“We make enough money the first 60 minutes of trading to take off and do whatever we’d like for the rest of the day

With the guidance of Fast Money Trading Team Leader, Bruce “Bill” Brents our trading team offers the opportunity for members to be in and out of the market in 60 minutes or less with no overnight positions. We offer an ability to make enough money the first 60 minutes of trading to take off and do whatever we’d like for the rest of the day. Please visit the About page to read the full story of how I met Bruce “Bill” Brents and how it has changed my life.


“Learn Bill’s Financial Strategy”


Benefits when joining the Fast Money Trading Team:

1. Stress Free Trading
2. You Do Not Have To Make Your Own Judgments Or Market Analysis –We’ll Make Them For You!
3. No Emotions
4. No More “Emotional Factor” With 90%+ success rate
5. No Multi-Target Strategies
6. No Multi-Lots Strategies
7. NO Email SMS Signal Alert
8. Trade Signals Are Delivered Instantly in our chat room
9. Controlled risk and reward on each trade recommendation
10. No over night positions
11. Trading only the first 60 minutes of the trading day
12. No penny stocks
13. No get rich quick schemes – just good fast money style trading

Style of trading good for:

1. People looking for a second income
2. Housewives
3. People trying to retire early
4. Someone wanting to take control of their own destiny and not relying on their broker
5. Someone wanting consistent returns
6. Someone wanting to make a nice living
7. Newbie to professionals

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traded =BBRY=-145,194, JCP=114 gain of 163 and Im done for the day. Wow where has all the volume gone?

said like a true believer

traded BBRY=0, SLW=-38, JCP=339, gain for the day 301 and Im through for the day

one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by fllwrs.com

Good Morning traders lets make some Fast Money this morning. http://t.co/Iw9fVswh6x

in the first 21 min of trading $61on $AAPL & $744 on $BBY gain of $805 gain for the day. Now doing setup- for my weekly option play.

For all the past and present Fast Money Trading Team members You knew what I was going to trade today, The big GAP on BBY. congrats

Here a comment from one of the traders. “Great trading Bills targets & calls right on for me. BBRY+,JCP+ aapl ?(-), SLW=+BBY+ overall ++$$”

Auto tradeing really helps me. When execute an initial order to tradeautomaticly is based $. Automatically put a profit stop & a stop loss.

less that 30 minutes of trading, traded BBRY=592,BBY=-128, auto traded 250 gain, slw 241, gain for the day=955. Folks Im done for the day.

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“We make enough money the first 60 minutes of trading to take off and do whatever we’d like for the rest of the day”